June projects thus far...

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post, partly because we went on a 2 week road trip, and partly because I've been busy with "life"...ha ha...but lots of projects have gone on since my last post...

The night before we left on our road trip, I was up until about 1 a.m. finishing last minute end-of-the-year Teacher gifts.
These are pieces of wood from my shipping pallets, and I just brushed on some watered down acrylic paint.  I used stencils to pencil in the words, and painted inside the lines.  Once dry, I brushed over a light layer of mod podge to seal and protect, but to also give it a some-what glossy finish.
These are Garden Art signs...they can put these in their garden, or on their patio for decoration. 

I even added a nail so that they can hang a garden shovel...

They can also hang their keys from it, if this is something they would like to keep by their door on a table...

IKEA has this deal (ends June 24th) where you can get up to 15% back on a sofa purchase. 
They have this sectional that I was absolutely in love with (it's a Corner Sofa + a Chaise Add-on unit from the Karlstad series) ,and I got a $180.00 gift card BACK after I purchased it!  Whohoo!!!  I only had enough time to pick out curtains & hardware with my FREE money...hee hee...but we'll be going back next week to spend the rest.
IKEA has great prices, but one of the ways of how they keep their prices down low, is that you basically have to assemble it yourself!
So this is how many boxes it came in:

And this is how it looks outside the box!

Here it is all set up!
((I'll update with better pictures, these were taken from my phone.))

And you can also see the newly hung curtains!

Today we worked on closing in the Formal Dining Room that we never used.  It was open to the Living Room, and I'm just not an open-space-kind-of-gal!...nor am I very "formal".  Hee Hee 
I've always invisioned closing that in with french doors, and using it as a Guest/Study/Work-out Room.
I knew in my head exactly how I wanted it laid out, but I have visual issues when it comes to "visualizing" what something is going to look like.  Okay, does that even make sense? haha  So my Dad laid boards out on the floor, and I was able to play around with them, in getting the angles JUST RIGHT.

So this is what my AWESOME Dad has been working on today...my job was clean-up.  ha ha

View from Stairs:

View from Living Room:

View from Living Room, walking towards the Kitchen:

View from Kitchen:

View from Foyer/Entrance:

Here are some BEFORE pictures of what this space looked like:

And here was a more recent picture from when I painted it grey:

Once he finishes up, I can start texturing, painting, and decorating!  Yea!

I plan on this wall being a Photo Collage Wall...

Once we finish up with this project, I REALLY need to focus on completing every other un-finished project before starting something new.  I have that problem.
I still need to finish up my daughter's bedroom, 2nd coat on the stair spindles, some of the flooring is still not finished, the list goes on and on...

Does anyone else have that problem?  You get sooo excited to start working on another project, that you don't finish up your current project?  Or maybe it's just because I get bored, and need to move on?