"Love Story" Pallet Art:

I gave myself a few months to recuperate from the 2 craft shows I did last Fall/Winter.  You can read all about that here and here.
In fact, for the past few months, I don't think I've made any pallet art at all!  Instead, I've switched gears a bit, and I've been working on projects around the house.

We're in March now though, and November will be here before we know it!  I don't want to fall into the same predicament that I was in last year!  Last year I started working on craft show pieces only 6 weeks prior to the Craft Show!

My plan is to start early this year, work on a few pieces each week...that way I don't have as many to make right before the Craft Show!

And what better way to get myself back into the groove of things again, then with this custom piece!

This piece measures about 41" x 32" 

~ Jenny xoxo

I would love for you to stay awhile!  
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Angle Grinder, Rebar, and a little update...

Originally I wanted to buy 20 ft. of Rebar, but we couldn't get it home without cutting it at the Store.
Apparently though, no one could cut the rebar at the Store.  You would think they would have a tool for that, but they only had bolt cutters...that didn't work.

So we left with no rebar, and I returned to another Store the next morning.  No one could cut the rebar there either, so I ended up buying about 70 pieces of 4 ft. rebar!  Lucky for me, the manager discounted them down to $1.00 a piece. 

My Dad was for sure we could cut them down to 3 ft. with his 16" bolt cutters...

He was able to cut ONE, but there was NO WAY we would be able to cut 70 pieces!!!

This is me trying ((unsuccessfully) to cut 1 piece of rebar!!!

So I left to go pick up some bigger bolt cutters, and came back with an Angle Grinder instead...oh, and an awesome Face Shield!

Ummm...this may be my new favorite tool!!!

It's called an Angle Grinder!!!

I'm using it to cut through the Rebar, and it works wonderfully!

So here's a quick look at exactly why I'm cutting Rebar...

((excuse the mess.  I JUST cleaned my entire house, and now I need to make a trip to the Donation drop-off!))

We are building Staircase Railing made out of Rebar!
I say "we", but there is no way I could do this without my awesome Dad!...he's got some major skillzzzz! =) 

My inspiration:

Such a great idea. Rebar for spindles in a rustic log cabin. 
So that's the latest update on the DIY Spiral Stairs!!!
...almost DONE!!!

~ Jenny xoxo

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