Preparing for the upcoming Craft Fair...

It's been almost a MONTH since my last blog post, but I have a very good excuse for my absence. =)

This year I'm participating in my FIRST Craft Fair!!!

It was never my intention to ever have a small business, but it kind of just happened on its own.  I give God all the glory, as this has been such a blessing for me.

It all started with making myself pallet art, then I moved up to painting furniture, and from there I started to up cycle, and now I'm even building actual furniture pieces!  
Along the way, people started taking notice, and wanting me to do different projects for them.  

So I actually have a small business now, and will be selling my stuff at a Craft Fair in November!!!

That being said, I kind of had to put the blog, and even house projects on hold for the time being.

I spend all of my FREE time now preparing for the CRAFT FAIR!!!  I promise I will be back to blogging regularly come November, and back to working on projects around the house.  
I already have a list of things I would like to do before Christmas...Part 2 on the garage door, building my own shutters for the exterior windows, and possibly painting my kitchen cabinets!

Here's just a few things that have been going on since my last post...
(If you follow me on Facebook, then you may have already seen these pictures)

First off...this is the sign I made for my booth!!!  


 I didn't go all out with Fall decorations this year...there's just NO time!  Did I mention that I also work 4 day's out of the week + I have 4 children and a husband that are my top priority?! Hee Hee

I made this for my front porch!!!

...and then decided to paint my front door a fun turquoise!!!

This was a quick project...up cycling a sliding closet mirror door into a standing mirror...


Here are some of the pallet art I've been working on for the upcoming Craft Fair...

...and my FIRST build!!!

This was the BIGGEST pallet art I've ever built!!!

...and there's a bunch of other little projects I've been working on, but I'm saving those for the Craft Fair! ;)

If y'all don't hear back from me till November...
I hope you have an AWESOME October!!!
God bless!!!

~ Jenny xoxo



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