Up cycled Chair into a Standing Planter:

About a year ago (Summer of 2012 to be exact) we were visiting my brother in Florida.  While we were there, we walked up and down this strip of antique shops.  It was there, that I first came across this idea to up cycle an old chair into a standing planter...

I also came across this chair with this fabric that I absolutely LOVE!  
Since I can't seem to find this fabric anywhere, a picture of it with my little guy will have to do.  hee hee
I actually prefer it that way anyways. =)

Sooo...fast-forward to a year later!!!...
A friend of mine was asking if I knew how to turn a chair into a plant stand.
I told her about the picture I took of one about a year ago that I've been wanting to do!
She had a few chairs without seats, and was sooo nice enough to sell me one for what it cost her!

Here it is... 




 VERY easy to make!

I simply just spray painted the entire chair, distressed it a bit with my sander, and nailed the basket down with my nail gun.
Easy peasy!

 Instant Fall decoration! 

Thanks so much for looking!

~ Jenny xoxo

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