DIY Horse-themed Party Invitations:

Another one of my hobbies is that I LOVE planning parties!

My daughter's birthday is coming up, and she requested a horse themed party!

I started browsing the Internet to come up with the design and wording I wanted.  I then put my own spin on it by adding wood and burlap, and came up with this...

I used ipiccy.com to make the invitation.  I'm sure there are better programs out there for this sort of thing, but I use ipiccy.com to edit my pictures, so I was already familiar with this program.

I then printed them out, cut them out onto card stock...

After building the mini pallets, I just stapled the burlap and invitation to the wood.

These invitations cost me a total of $0.00 

I don't like to spend a ton of money on parties, so I always try to use what I have on hand, and DIY on most everything!

~ Jenny xoxo 

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