Alice In Wonderland inspired "chair"

So for the next couple of months you will start seeing me post more craft type projects, or up cycled pieces, painted furniture, etc.

I'm doing my FIRST Craft Fair this Fall, and so my main focus right now is to work on things I'll be selling at my booth!

Here is one of those pieces...

 First of all, let me say...

I have never seen the movie, Alice In Wonderland.  I do however, remember there being a BIG clock, possibly a rabbit??...and something to do with tea?
Am I close?  ha ha

I knew I wanted to paint this chair red.  I spray painted it black first, so that when I distressed the chair, the black would show through.

Do you notice the missing spindle?

I got the idea to just replace the spindle with a stair spindle I had on hand.
By doing this, it needed to be a funky looking chair, since it would have looked odd with 1 different looking spindle.  So at that point, funky was the theme.

I was looking around, and noticed a clock I had just bought that morning at a garage sale.  That's when Alice In Wonderland popped in my head!

Don't worry, I didn't take a perfectly good clock apart!  You can't tell from this picture, but the outer part was broken, and I bought this for a dollar! 

The white part was actually paper, so it was easy for me to glue down to the chair.  I covered it with mod podge, but I'm going to also seal it down with some polycrylic.

I added an old fork and spoon to the top to go with the theme, but I'm actually thinking about changing that out to something else...

...and here it is!!!

I have quite a few other pieces I worked on this past weekend while I was at a Girls Retreat, so I'll be posting about those soon!

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Thanks so much!

~ Jenny

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