Tissue Paper + Mod Podge = Textured Pumpkins!

Pumpkin Project of the Month!!! 
((If you're following my one-pumpkin-project-a-month until Thanksgiving "challenge", you can view last months project here.))

This one is SUPER easy, y'all!!!

Supplies Needed:

- Pumpkins
- Tissue Paper
- Mod Podge
-Brush (I used a sponge brush)

I found 4 of these pumpkins at a Goodwill a few weeks ago for $.79 cents each!

First I brushed mod podge on the pumpkin in sections, and then dabbed torn up tissue paper on top of that.  I then applied more mod podge on top of the tissue paper.

...mod podge doesn't take very long to dry...
I checked on it about an hour later, and it was completely dry!

Thanks for looking! =)
What did ya think?

~ Jenny xoxo


Kitchen Window Shelving:

Recently my Dad has been building a "observation deck" ((more on that later)) in the backyard, and when doing so, he took down a bunch of 25+ year old fence posts.  These posts are worn, beat up, weathered down, rustic looking pieces of wood...so of course I grabbed those babies up!!!  Muuaarraahh ha ha!

I've been wanting to do something with my Kitchen window to spruce it up a bit, and thought about putting a curtain or a pelmet box window treatment.  Then I came across the idea of putting shelving above your Kitchen sink/in front of your Kitchen window.

So when I came across these rustic pieces of wood, I called my hubby up at work and said, "Honey!  I have a project for you!"  ((I'm sure he was just over-flowing with Joy!...more like, "rolling his eyes...click." ;-)  Tee Hee

So I had him drill in these "plant brackets" to hold my shelving...

Here's what it looked like after he drilled in the brackets for me...

After that I went and cut, sanded, and stained 2 pieces of my wood...

...and TA DA!!!
((and yes, I DO have my Fall decorations out already.  Tee hee))

((The long brown candle holder...I'm actually going to plant small little cactus-looking plants in that...so I'll give y'all a updated picture once I do so.))

Side view...

...and with the Kitchen light turned off...

Close-up pictures of the rustic wood...

...and I just realized...
I haven't showed y'all my KITCHEN yet!!!
I'll give the Kitchen it's own little post in the near future, but here's a sneak peek...

What do y'all think??
I think it gave it a nice added touch to my country/rustic/shabby chic Kitchen/Dining Room look I'm going for...I promise it has a nice flow to it.  ha ha

Thanks for looking!

~ Jenny xoxo


Back-To-School Teacher Gift!

If you are on Pinterest, then I'm sure this is something you've seen floating around...

" I'm so glad you were "Mint" to be my teacher."

I have always enjoyed giving gifts to my kid's teachers throughout the year, whether it be for a holiday, or just a random treat here and there.

This is my 1st year gifting a teacher on the 1st day of School though.

So...here's my take on the:

" I'm so glad you were "Mint" to be my teacher."

Do you notice the glitter on the bottom scrap booking paper?  It's my favorite!
((ignore imperfect print, we don't own a printer.  Not really sure why, never have...I guess never really needed one?  Maybe I will invest in one this year.  Tee Hee))

The box is filled with Andes Creme De Menthe - hence the "...you were MINT to be..."

Thanks for looking!!!
I would LOVE for y'all to share your ideas on Teacher gift-giving...
...especially something that is inexpensive! ;-)
With 4 children, and at least 2 teachers per child thus far, it can add up.  ha ha

~ Jenny xoxo

/\/\/ Vintage Chevron \/\/\ Oooo...aaahhh...

I'm loving the new trend of Chevron strips, but haven't "officially" added any into my home...until NOW!!!...

Remember a while ago when my Brother surprised me with THREE crates??!!...you can read about that here.  They were actually corn crates that he found at a Farmers' Market.

I've had them sitting in my Living Room contemplating what exactly I was going to do with them...

I almost immediately painted one white (which I did not take a picture of), and then let it sit for about another week...still contemplating what I was going to do with it...ha ha

Then today while I was cleaning, I got this thought it my head...
CHEVRON stripes!!!
I stopped what I was doing, went and grabbed some paint and a brush, and about 30 minutes later...
TA DA!!!

I wanted a more Vintage look, so I added some stain around the edges, a bit around the yellow stripes, and sanded the whole thing down...

I'm using my new Vintage Crate to store books/magazines in the Living Room...

So whatcha think?
I'm loving the pop of yellow! 

Speaking of "Chevron"...here's a sneak peek at the fabric I bought for the Dining Room chairs I'm re-doing...you can read about that here and here.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about my "1" pumpkin project a month challenge...I guess I better get on that, since I only have 1 week left of August! ;-)

~ Jenny xoxo


~* Vintage Jewelry Box *~

I was very anxious to work on some of my Goodwill treasures that I showed you on my last post...

Today I decided to work on the Jewelry Box that I bought for $1.99!!!

The exterior really wasn't that bad of a color, but it didn't go well with the bright yellow interior...
One of the reasons I bought this jewelry box, was because of the interior though.  I love the color yellow, it's such a happy-fun color!

I just used some paint that I already had on hand from my kitchen...YELLOW!

After 2 coats of yellow paint, I sanded down the corners and edges...I wanted to give it a bit of a distressed look. 
((Y'all know how "distressing" is my new favorite thing! ha ha))

I like to try and use whatever I may already have, which is one of the reasons why I chose YELLOW!  I had some leftover yellow paint from when we painted our kitchen a few years ago! 

I added a mirror & bow to the lid..

...and TADA!!!
...bright, happy, fun pop of color for any room!

...and so you can see it side-by-side...

I seriously think this is something I'm going to start collecting...jewelry boxes...
It was fun making a little vintage jewelry box! 
Wouldn't they be fun in all different colors?...aqua, purple, PINK?! 
These would be perfect little presents for any girl! =)

- Jenny xoxo


Goodwill Treasures...

Today I had my FIRST Goodwill shopping experience!  Wow...that was fun!...it was like a HUGE air conditioned Yard Sale!  ha ha 
And what better way to find treasures with, than with someone that shares the same passion as I do!

That would be my Brother's girlfriend...here she is...

But let's take a step back...

My Brother just got out of the military, and before he starts his school/golf scholarship, him and his girlfriend decided to come down for a visit.
The very first day they were here, they went and visited a Farmer's Market, and brought me back CRATES!!!  They know me TOO well!  Eeekk!

We started talking about visiting some Goodwill Stores, something I have always wanted to do.  So today we shopped at 2 different Goodwill Stores...

Here are my treasures I found from the first store...

A basket that I will be using to hold fruit, a jewelry box for my daughter, and a silverware case (that I will NOT be using for silverware).
Of course, I will be re-vamping these items...I'm either going to stain the basket or paint it...I'm going to paint,distress, or stain the jewelry box and case...I'm not sure yet.  It will come to me, and when it does, I will let you know. =)

All for a Grand Total of:  $10.00!!!  Woot!  Woot!
- Basket $1.99
- Jewelry Box $1.99
- Silverware Case $5.99

I LOVE the yellow interior of the Jewelry box...it just needs a new color for the exterior to make the yellow POP!

Though I couldn't decide what I was going to use this case for, it was too beautiful to pass up!  I'll figure out a great use for it eventually.

I love the detail on the exterior...

And here are my treasures from the next Goodwill...

...a YELLOW vase $4.99 (and I needed some more yellow in my Living Room!)
4 paper mache Pumpkins $.79 each (for my upcoming August pumpkin project!)

Whew!  Now...just gotta find TIME to re-vamp my precious finds. =)
I'll keep y'all posted!

- Jenny xoxo


FIRST House Guests = Study/Den/Guest Room UPDATE!!!

First house guests...YEA!!!  My Brother just got out of the Navy, and him and his girlfriend came down for a visit before he starts up with his schooling/golf scholarship.

That being said, let me give y'all a update on the Study/Den/Guest Room...whatever you wanna call it.  Tee Hee

This really isn't the decor/color scheme I want to give this room, but I kind of just threw together what I had on hand when setting up this room for them to stay in.

So here it is...

Once you open these doors, you are welcomed with a scent of peppermint/vanilla...kind of like a winter wonderland.  I have a candle sitting in there, and it just smells up the entire room without even burning.  Mmmm...

((ignore any unfinished paint touch-ups...it's a work-in-progress))

...and my own personal touch!...each time a guest stays, I will have their picture framed...

...and here's how the Living Room ((which is right outside from the Den/Guest Room)) is currently looking...

If you would like to see previous posts on work-in-progress pictures/details of the Study/Den/Guest Room, you can view that here and here.

Thanks for looking!
Let me know what y'all think!
God Bless!

~ Jenny xoxo