FIRST House Guests = Study/Den/Guest Room UPDATE!!!

First house guests...YEA!!!  My Brother just got out of the Navy, and him and his girlfriend came down for a visit before he starts up with his schooling/golf scholarship.

That being said, let me give y'all a update on the Study/Den/Guest Room...whatever you wanna call it.  Tee Hee

This really isn't the decor/color scheme I want to give this room, but I kind of just threw together what I had on hand when setting up this room for them to stay in.

So here it is...

Once you open these doors, you are welcomed with a scent of peppermint/vanilla...kind of like a winter wonderland.  I have a candle sitting in there, and it just smells up the entire room without even burning.  Mmmm...

((ignore any unfinished paint touch-ups...it's a work-in-progress))

...and my own personal touch!...each time a guest stays, I will have their picture framed...

...and here's how the Living Room ((which is right outside from the Den/Guest Room)) is currently looking...

If you would like to see previous posts on work-in-progress pictures/details of the Study/Den/Guest Room, you can view that here and here.

Thanks for looking!
Let me know what y'all think!
God Bless!

~ Jenny xoxo

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