Back-To-School Teacher Gift!

If you are on Pinterest, then I'm sure this is something you've seen floating around...

" I'm so glad you were "Mint" to be my teacher."

I have always enjoyed giving gifts to my kid's teachers throughout the year, whether it be for a holiday, or just a random treat here and there.

This is my 1st year gifting a teacher on the 1st day of School though.

So...here's my take on the:

" I'm so glad you were "Mint" to be my teacher."

Do you notice the glitter on the bottom scrap booking paper?  It's my favorite!
((ignore imperfect print, we don't own a printer.  Not really sure why, never have...I guess never really needed one?  Maybe I will invest in one this year.  Tee Hee))

The box is filled with Andes Creme De Menthe - hence the "...you were MINT to be..."

Thanks for looking!!!
I would LOVE for y'all to share your ideas on Teacher gift-giving...
...especially something that is inexpensive! ;-)
With 4 children, and at least 2 teachers per child thus far, it can add up.  ha ha

~ Jenny xoxo

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  1. Love this!!! Am stealing idea for Kenslie's teachers!!! :)