~* Vintage Jewelry Box *~

I was very anxious to work on some of my Goodwill treasures that I showed you on my last post...

Today I decided to work on the Jewelry Box that I bought for $1.99!!!

The exterior really wasn't that bad of a color, but it didn't go well with the bright yellow interior...
One of the reasons I bought this jewelry box, was because of the interior though.  I love the color yellow, it's such a happy-fun color!

I just used some paint that I already had on hand from my kitchen...YELLOW!

After 2 coats of yellow paint, I sanded down the corners and edges...I wanted to give it a bit of a distressed look. 
((Y'all know how "distressing" is my new favorite thing! ha ha))

I like to try and use whatever I may already have, which is one of the reasons why I chose YELLOW!  I had some leftover yellow paint from when we painted our kitchen a few years ago! 

I added a mirror & bow to the lid..

...and TADA!!!
...bright, happy, fun pop of color for any room!

...and so you can see it side-by-side...

I seriously think this is something I'm going to start collecting...jewelry boxes...
It was fun making a little vintage jewelry box! 
Wouldn't they be fun in all different colors?...aqua, purple, PINK?! 
These would be perfect little presents for any girl! =)

- Jenny xoxo

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