Goodwill Treasures...

Today I had my FIRST Goodwill shopping experience!  Wow...that was fun!...it was like a HUGE air conditioned Yard Sale!  ha ha 
And what better way to find treasures with, than with someone that shares the same passion as I do!

That would be my Brother's girlfriend...here she is...

But let's take a step back...

My Brother just got out of the military, and before he starts his school/golf scholarship, him and his girlfriend decided to come down for a visit.
The very first day they were here, they went and visited a Farmer's Market, and brought me back CRATES!!!  They know me TOO well!  Eeekk!

We started talking about visiting some Goodwill Stores, something I have always wanted to do.  So today we shopped at 2 different Goodwill Stores...

Here are my treasures I found from the first store...

A basket that I will be using to hold fruit, a jewelry box for my daughter, and a silverware case (that I will NOT be using for silverware).
Of course, I will be re-vamping these items...I'm either going to stain the basket or paint it...I'm going to paint,distress, or stain the jewelry box and case...I'm not sure yet.  It will come to me, and when it does, I will let you know. =)

All for a Grand Total of:  $10.00!!!  Woot!  Woot!
- Basket $1.99
- Jewelry Box $1.99
- Silverware Case $5.99

I LOVE the yellow interior of the Jewelry box...it just needs a new color for the exterior to make the yellow POP!

Though I couldn't decide what I was going to use this case for, it was too beautiful to pass up!  I'll figure out a great use for it eventually.

I love the detail on the exterior...

And here are my treasures from the next Goodwill...

...a YELLOW vase $4.99 (and I needed some more yellow in my Living Room!)
4 paper mache Pumpkins $.79 each (for my upcoming August pumpkin project!)

Whew!  Now...just gotta find TIME to re-vamp my precious finds. =)
I'll keep y'all posted!

- Jenny xoxo

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