It's the little things that make me Happy...

It's completely normal to mod podge a Weight Watchers calculator, eh??

Is it just me, or does the WW calculator look some what like a birth control case? 
Well, not anymore!!!  Muuuaaarrraaahhhaa ha ha!!!
I think I'm a bit obsessed with mod podge...

I had some leftover scrap booking paper, and of course, I always have mod podge on hand...

You know, I enjoy doing simple, easy, ((something that doesn't take a long time)) little projects every once in a while to just decompress! 
This only took me about 5 mins. to make, and it made a huge difference with my attitude and stress level, and now I can go about my day with a smile on my face.
Try it sometime. =)

And if you're wandering..."Yes, I joined Weight Watchers ((again))!!!"

~ Jenny xoxo

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