Up-cycled End Tables to a Coffee Table:

A little while back I came across these 2 end tables...

I just LOVE the bottoms on these tables!

Problem was, they were a bit too short for end tables.  I like my end table to be higher up, closer to the arm rest of my couch.  These were only about 16" tall.

I let them sit in my Living Room for a few days while I thought about how I was going to make them work.
Actually, what gave me the idea to turn them into a coffee table, was that my kids put them side by side one day while they were doing their chores.

So on the weekend I went to a Scrap-booking Retreat, (I "craft" rather than scrapbook) I brought these 2 tables along to work on.

I started off by gluing down some wooden slats with this design.  Then I went over it with my nail gun, and also added screws to make sure it was fully secure.  I would later apply wood putty to cover the screw holes.

To make it even more sturdy, I flipped it, and did the same thing to the backside...

While I had it flipped, I went ahead and stained that side first.

I then stained the top side, and also added some sealant.

I love the imperfections in the wood...

 And here it is now...

My couch is like a boxed in square, and so it worked out perfectly that the table is narrow enough to walk in between it and the couch.

Check out this table over at Pottery Barn right now for $699...

Very similar design on the bottom.  
I'd say my new coffee table fits right 'in style' right now.

Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Round Pedestal Coffee Table - Black 

Thanks for looking!!!

~ Jenny xoxo 

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Kitchen Cabinets Transformation...

4 years ago, our kitchen looked like THIS...

Before we started DIY-ing (is that a word?), we hired someone to replace the back-splash, counter-tops, and flooring.

I just LOVE the Stone back-splash!

Since then, there have been many paint changes...
I think I first started off painting the kitchen yellow, then there was blue, and then green. 

I have always wanted to paint the cabinets, but just wasn't sure what color or technique I wanted to do.
While I do love darker cabinets, because my kitchen is already so dark, I knew I needed to go with a white to lighten the room up.

I was originally going to go with a paint that didn't require sanding (like Annie Sloan), and then just give it an antique/distressed look myself.
Then I started seeing the RUST-OLEUM Cabinet Transformations Kit pop up everywhere on Pinterest!
After seeing a friend of mine do it to her own kitchen, I was SOLD!

This is the Kit that I bought.  I needed 2 boxes.  It comes with almost everything you will need!  There is a list on the back of the box that tells you what else you will need to purchase, like the brushes & gloves!
The only other thing I would suggest having on hand, would be paper towels.
We ran out of the gauze that they provided for the glaze part.  I used paper towels to wipe off the glaze, and that worked just as good. 
Also, after you pick up the box from the shelf, you will then need to take it to the paint counter to have them mix your color.
I would suggest going online first, to pick out the color you want...

I went with the color PURE WHITE, but you will still need to have them mix that for you. =)

I would say that if you had 2 people working on this together and no distractions, you could finish your kitchen in 3 days, maybe 2 days.
I had my husband helping me on Day 1, my Brother helping me on Day 2, but then I was on my own after that! 

It was quite an easy task, just a bit time consuming.  The instructions that were included were very easy to follow.  

I created an assembly line by using ladders & 2x4's...

If you can do this else where, I would recommend that, and not outside.
There were times when the wind would blow up debris on my newly painted cabinets.

AND...Here they are!!!

Here's a close-up of the cabinets...
You can see how the glaze brought out the grain in the wood!

Now that my cabinets are painted, I'm going to need to re-paint the kitchen again!  The green looks fine, but I know a grayish-tan will look better. 

So next on the agenda...

- paint the Kitchen/Dining Room walls 
- paint the molding (needs a fresh coat of white paint!)
- paint or something the Kitchen pantry doors (I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but the pantry doors need a new look!)
- new light fixtures
 - etc.

Soooo...GUESS WHAT?!

We are working on the spiral stairs again!!!

My carpenter brother has been working on my new Oak threads to replace the particle wood that was there before.
What's even more exciting is that the wood is coming from the trees off his land!  I love sentimental things like that.

Thanks for looking!

~ Jenny xoxo



Craft Shows...

It's been months since my last post!!! 

I was preparing for 2 crafts shows, one in November, one in December...

My husband was a HUGE support system!

I kind of waited until the last minute to prepare for this show, and so 6 weeks leading up to the Craft Fair...we were both busy, busy, BUSY!  Every free moment we had, went to building, sanding, painting, creating,...all while trying to put family first!   

Family will always be number 1 priority. 

Even though we were doing this "together", it was physically and mentally exhausting!!!
We both work, we have 4 small children, and so adding all of this to the mix was just too much!  I vowed I would never allow myself to become this busy again!

Here's the result of all of our hard work though!

The great thing that came out of all this was, my husband was able to take a step back, and just watch everything that I LOVE doing, (everything that he questioned) actually be something.  About 80% of what you see in this picture SOLD in those 2 days!  
We went to dinner with my family after those long 2 days, and it brought tears to my eyes, hearing my husband brag about his wife to her Dad.
That he was so proud of me.

Have you had that feeling before?  
To have your husband tell you how proud he is of you?
That is something I will never forget. 
That is what made all of this worth it.

In the end, it actually brought us closer.  
This is actually something that he wants to be apart of now.

This was the Craft Fair in December...

Most of what I brought to the Craft Show in December was what I didn't sell in November.

I would say that 2013 was a learning experience.
You know, 2 years ago I wasn't even thinking about ever having a business!
This was just something that I did for myself.
God has blessed us more than we could have ever imagined!

I struggle with verbally witnessing to others, because I am kind of a shy person.  I don't know the right words to say, and when I do think of the right words to say, the moment has already passed.
 I'm able to put scripture on pallet art, words of encouragement, words to make people laugh, and sometimes cry.
I'm able to listen to others share their stories, all because of a pallet art I created touched them.

Here are some of what I sold at the Craft Shows...







~ Jenny xoxo

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