diy Spiral Staircase - Part 2

Hey Y'all,

I know it's been a while since my last diy Spiral Staircase update!!!
Truth is, Part 2 has been done for a while now.  With 4 kiddo's running around, sometimes it's hard to keep that section of my house clean enough to quick snap some pictures.  ha ha  
So what you see is a clean, clean room!...ha ha ha Not quite.  "Behind" the snap shot is actually baskets full of toys that the kids need to put away when they get home from school...and a dining room chair that needs to go back into the dining room...and well, a bunch of other odds and ends just layin' around!  

Just keepin' it real! =)

You can read ALL about Part 1 here.

So let's get started!!!

Some lovely lilies from the garden...my favorite flower, that I picked especially for this photo shoot. =)

We finished the railing, spindles, and finally bolted the pole down!
I think the pole was supposed to be bolted down first...ha ha...awe well.

...new Mantel display...

For the railing:

A little trick for ya...just in case you decide to build one of these in your own home!  ;-)
The instructions say that for installing the railing, it's a 3 person job.  One person at the top, middle, and bottom...JUST to hold the railing in place.

There were only 2 of us, so we improvised...

We taped the railing onto the spindles first, then proceeded...

We used a smaller drill bit first to screw through the small hole on the silver piece of hardware, just to make a mark...

Then removed the tape, and used a bigger drill bit to make a bigger hole where our smaller hole was...

The drill bit has to be big enough to where this butterfly screw will fit through.
Once you push it through the hole, you'll hear a snap!  That means the butterfly opened inside!

Then you just tighten the screw!

Once you do about one or two spindles, the rest are pretty easy!

Okay so, I'm not sure WHY I didn't take any pictures of us installing the swirl spindles...

But basically we just laid them out how we wanted them.
We had to make our own holes through the metal spindle, so that kind of took a while, but was pretty easy.

Still lots more to do!!!

We still need to patch up the hole with some drywall.  I want the wood framing to be visible, and I'm going to be staining that.

THEN, it's demolition to the other stairs!!!  Eeek!

Thanks for looking!!!

God Bless!

~ Jenny xoxo

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  1. This looks great Jenny! I've been browsing some spiral staircases for my own diy project. It's about time that my husband and I update our home. I can't wait to get started this weekend! Thanks for the added ideas!