Distressed Kitchen Island:

I had a lucky kind of weekend...

I am a member of this website (that is a lot like Craigslist), but it caters to ONLY people in my area.  So it's neat, because you don't have to drive all over the place like you would on Craigslist.

So I came across a post of someone selling stepping stones (I will get to that later), and someone else selling a Kitchen Island.

I have been wanting a Kitchen Island for a while now, but it was never a top priority amongst other projects needing done.  So I've kept my eye open for some...browsed a few stores, and checked Craigslist a few times...Finally, I had decided that I would eventually get around to just building one.

That was, until this weekend when someone listed THIS ONE for $85.00
I thought it was a fair price.

Of course, the wood stain didn't go with any of my furniture, but I knew I could fix that.  =)

...and look at it NOW!

Do you see how it matches the China Cabinet and Dining Room table?
I went with white for the Island, so that it would match the China Cabinet and Table.  Now there is a bit of a flow from one room to the next...

Here's a close-up...

In order to get this look, I used white AND black paint, wood stain, and LOTS of sanding!!!

Here's a Progress picture...

Thank You for looking!!!

I just bought 100 stepping stones for the yard, so I'll be posting all about that soon!

~ Jenny xoxo

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