What we've been up to...

It's been a little while since I've blogged...well, except for my most recent post about the Hallway...but before that, it's been over 2 weeks!

Sometimes it's hard to find time to blog, so I thought I would put everything I've been up to in the past 2 weeks in 1 post!  How does that sound?

As I was driving my kid's to school one morning, I drove past a garage sale!  On my way back home, I stopped to look at this bar stool I saw.

I've been needing some chairs to go around my counter top.  Everything was just either out of budget, or it wasn't what I was looking for.  I'm not even sure if "I" knew what I was looking for.

She had "1" bar stool, and it didn't have chair backs...which was one of my criteria...it needed to have a back, so that my kid's wouldn't easily fall off of them.

So I just happened to ask the lady if she had anymore bar stools.  
And she DID!!!
She said she wasn't sure if she wanted to sell them, but if she did, she wouldn't take anything less than $40.00 each.

Now, there is NO WAY I'd spend $40 on ONE bar stool that I found at a Garage Sale...BUT...since it technically wasn't "in" the garage sale, I looked at it as if I bought them off Craigslist!  
I would have paid $40 for a bar stool off CL...
At least that's what I told myself when driving to the bank to collect the $80 for 2 bar stools.  ha ha

They are just perfect though!
They are black with a bit of distressing...
I needed some black to offset the white china cabinet and table, and they look so good up against my counter-tops.

The week before Easter I worked on a few crafts...

This one is made out of Wood Shims...

The cross was made out of some leftover pieces of wood I had...

I went to Hobby Lobby one day, and fell in LOVE with this Peacock platter!
Seriously!...it needs to get in my kitchen...like NOW!
It's sooo expensive though...I think they wanted $80 bucks minus the 40% coupon = still kind of expensive, in my opinion.

I stopped into a Goodwill that day with my Sister...check out my lucky finds!
((The fabric came from Hobby Lobby, the basket and wreath came from Goodwill.))

This is what the wreath looked like...

I took off all the floral, and ended up with this...

The weather has been so beautiful lately, and the lilies started to bloom just in time for Easter...

And just recently I woke up to pack the kid's their lunches, and noticed that the refrigerator was no longer cooling.

I never liked our refrigerator anyways.  It was white, and all of our other appliances are stainless steel.  So it clashed a little bit.
Being that this was an unexpected expense, we were on a tight budget when looking for a new one.
So though this isn't my dream refrigerator (I want the one that comes with a built-in chef!...they make those, right?), it's nice, and a whole lot better than my old one.

Stay tuned...
I'll soon be posting Part 2 to the Spiral Staircase...

You can read all about Part 1 here.

Thanks for looking!

~ Jenny xoxo

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