Craft Shows...

It's been months since my last post!!! 

I was preparing for 2 crafts shows, one in November, one in December...

My husband was a HUGE support system!

I kind of waited until the last minute to prepare for this show, and so 6 weeks leading up to the Craft Fair...we were both busy, busy, BUSY!  Every free moment we had, went to building, sanding, painting, creating,...all while trying to put family first!   

Family will always be number 1 priority. 

Even though we were doing this "together", it was physically and mentally exhausting!!!
We both work, we have 4 small children, and so adding all of this to the mix was just too much!  I vowed I would never allow myself to become this busy again!

Here's the result of all of our hard work though!

The great thing that came out of all this was, my husband was able to take a step back, and just watch everything that I LOVE doing, (everything that he questioned) actually be something.  About 80% of what you see in this picture SOLD in those 2 days!  
We went to dinner with my family after those long 2 days, and it brought tears to my eyes, hearing my husband brag about his wife to her Dad.
That he was so proud of me.

Have you had that feeling before?  
To have your husband tell you how proud he is of you?
That is something I will never forget. 
That is what made all of this worth it.

In the end, it actually brought us closer.  
This is actually something that he wants to be apart of now.

This was the Craft Fair in December...

Most of what I brought to the Craft Show in December was what I didn't sell in November.

I would say that 2013 was a learning experience.
You know, 2 years ago I wasn't even thinking about ever having a business!
This was just something that I did for myself.
God has blessed us more than we could have ever imagined!

I struggle with verbally witnessing to others, because I am kind of a shy person.  I don't know the right words to say, and when I do think of the right words to say, the moment has already passed.
 I'm able to put scripture on pallet art, words of encouragement, words to make people laugh, and sometimes cry.
I'm able to listen to others share their stories, all because of a pallet art I created touched them.

Here are some of what I sold at the Craft Shows...







~ Jenny xoxo

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