Study/Guest Bedroom UPDATE!!!

I know y'all haven't left your computer since my last update on the Study/Guest Bedroom! 
I know y'all have just been DYING to know what we've been up to, eh?  ha ha ha
Well, now y'all can get some sleep tonight, because here's an UPDATE!!!  Yea! 
((I know, I know...I'm a dork.))

Last time I checked in was here , when we had the walls up, and the framing and doors were done.

Well, check it out NOW!!!

Here it is after it was textured...

...and after it was painted...

The paint color is:  Benjamin Moore - Rockport Gray

Putting together the Sofa Bed turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  Not only were the assembly instructions MISSING from the 4 boxes it came in, but the instructions were also NOT listed on the IKEA website!!!  On top of that, it was missing 4 screws!!!

So after matching up some screws from Lowes, and "guessing" on how to put together this Sofa Bed, here's how it's looking NOW...

Next on the list:

- moulding
- electrical work
(gotta switch out the chandelier that was there for the Dining Room, to a ceiling fan)
- and a few decorative touches!

I'll keep y'all updated!

oooo - Jenny

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