Old Dresser turned Under Bed Storage Drawers...

We've had this old IKEA dresser for many years, and one of the drawers broke off.  We really didn't have any more use for the Dresser, so rather than fix it or give it away, we decided to give the drawers a new use...some pull-out Storage drawers for underneath the bed.

Here's what the Dresser looked like:

I laid each side of the drawer on top of the paper to measure out how much I would need...

After cutting the sizes that I needed, I applied "Glue-All" on top to each side of the dresser...

...and then smoothed out the paper on top of the drawer...

I then brushed Mod Podge on top of the paper, and all around the corners to help seal and protect...

After that was all dry, it was time to add the wheels.
I originally tried using Liquid Nails (because that's what I had on hand), and it only partially worked.  They seem to hold on well enough, but once applying any weight to the wheels, they would eventually fall off.
That's when I googled what kind of glue I could use to adhere metal to wood, and came up with JB Weld...it seems to work great so far!  I couldn't nail the wheels down, because the bottom is a thin particleboard material, and not actual wood.

And here's what you have!!!...a beautiful pull-out Under bed Storage Drawer!
I have two of these underneath my daughter's bed so that she can store her toys, and one in the Guest Bedroom to store bedding.

Thanks for looking! =)

oooo - Jenny

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