Before I tell you what this post is about, what are your first thoughts on this table? 

So...what did you think? 

I needed a skinny table to put on this new wall that we built...the width couldn't be too wide, because the hallway going into the kitchen isn't very wide.

My first thought was this Shoe Cabinet I saw at IKEA...
If you notice, there's no back legs, it's almost like a dresser cut in 1/2.  It would have been perfect for the hallway, as it almost fits flush up against the wall.

Then one day as I was cleaning and organizing my bedroom, I noticed how our Changing Table was basically just a spot to hold all of our clean, folded laundry.  ha ha
We never really used it much to change diapers on.

After starring it down, trying to think of what I could do to make it look more like a table, and NOT a Changing Table, I loaded up the kiddo's, and went to Lowes to pick out some paint!
I thought if I painted it first, maybe it wouldn't look like such a Changing Table, and it would spark some ideas in my head!

Before painting, I already knew I wanted to take off the bottom shelf.
I thought maybe eventually I could store a bigger basket underneath the table to hide toys.

By the time I finished painting it, my husband was home from work, and I was able to get his opinion on what I should cut off next to make it look less like a changing table.
He suggested the same thing I thought, which was to cut off the front ledge.
Great minds think alike.

Here's how it looked after I took off that front ledge...

I sanded it down, did some touch up paint, and WALLA!!!

And a view from the Living Room...

So...BEFORE I told you it was a Changing Table...

Could you tell that I UP CYCLED a Changing Table??

My NEXT project is to turn this wall into a Photo Collage...I picked up a bunch of white frames from IKEA, and I'm going to hang them all around this table.
So stay tuned!!!

Paint Color:  Valspar Samples - Tropical Bay
Live, Laugh, Love Wall Art:  Shipping Pallets!...read about that HERE!
Baskets:  Target
Flower Arrangement:  My super talented Sister!

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