Distressed End Table:

I'm going to need to restrain myself from "distressing" all of my wood furniture, because I am totally in love with this technique.  If you haven't already, you should try it!  It is super easy, and there is just something about it that is so therapeutic!  Maybe it's because nothing has to be perfect?

So this morning I got an early start, before the kid's were even awake, and I went and grabbed my end table, and started painting away!!!

See what it looked like before?  Like this orange-ish wood color that didn't match any of my furniture.  Okay, okay...so I faded out the rest of the picture, and left the table alone, JUST so you could see how orange-ish - honey colored it was...

And here it is again in our more updated Living Room...it just doesn't go with any of our other furniture.  I'm not even sure how we inherited this little guy...ha 

And here it is NOW!!!

I basically just did the same exact technique that I did on my Distressed Candle Holders.
I gave the entire table one coat of white (water-based) paint...

See how imperfect it is?

I let that dry, and then added a stain around the edges, and any where else I felt needed some "distressing"...just have fun with it! =)

I went in sections...I would apply the stain, and rub it off almost immediately afterwards.
Here's what it looks like after I rubbed the stain back off...

Now for the fun part!!!...I went around the table, and scuffed it up with sand paper.  Not too much, just a tad bit here and there, mainly around the edges, whatever look you're going for...

See how the table now makes the distressed candle holders POP?! 
The house is slowly starting to have some sort of flow to it...

Thanks for looking! =)

What projects have you guy's been working on this weekend?  Have you done any distressing techniques before?  I would sure love to hear about it.  I'm still learning, and I know there's a bunch of different things you can do with wood!  I would love to try a crackle paint next!

oooo - Jenny

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