Pumpkins in July!!!

I wanted to get a head start on making pumpkin decorations to display around the house this Fall.  My plan is to do at least ONE Pumpkin project each month up until November! 

FIRST on the List!!!

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins! 

I saw this idea on Two Shades of Pink and LOVE what she did with hers.  I do plan to eventually make some in the color shades she used, but I worked with what I had.
I already had some yarn that I got for FREE from a Garage Sale, and I just went through the pumpkins I already had.  Hobby Lobby has their Fall decorations out now, but they don't have them on sale yet.

And let me just say...this project is VERY time consuming, and some-what painful.  I think I may have sizzled off the top layer of skin from my fingers, because of the hot glue gun!  ha ha

Supplies Needed:

- Yarn (the thicker ones are easier to use on this type of project)
- Hot Glue Gun & Sticks!
- cheap dollar store pumpkins!
- ...and patience.  ha ha

So on these pumpkins, I just did vertical lines up, down, and around the pumpkin.  I put a layer of glue down, and laid the yarn on top of that. 
Super easy!

To make the flower designs...

And that's all there is to it! 
Very easy, very time consuming, and oh-so-worth it!
Thanks for looking!!!

oooo - Jenny

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