Weeping Willow

We have ((or had)) a willow tree that's been struck by lightning 4 times!!! ((not kidding!))
Each time, branches would fall off, and slowly the tree started dying.  
It was never really a "sentimental" tree, but we had a lot of good laughs from it, because of how many times it's been struck.  
So when we finally decided to cut it down, rather than just use it as fire wood, or toss it to the road for trash pick-up, I decided to get a little creative...

This is the porch on the side of the house, that's soon going to wrap around to the back of the house.  ((that's why you see a unfinished frame))
So I hung the last branch that was left from the willow tree onto the porch...

...and I can now hang plants from it:

As for the stumps...all I did was wrap rope around them for a little decorative touch, and arranged them around the patio. 
I figured they could be little seats for the kiddo's or like, in the picture below, a plant holder.

In loving memory of our Weeping Willow Tree:
((this was the last picture taken of it before it started dying...))

oooo - Jenny

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