Claw & Ball Chair:

I bought this chair at a garage sale, and because I already have too many projects I'm working on, I was just going to re-sell this as is.

I had this lady very interested in the feet on this chair.  She had me send her about a dozen different photos of JUST the claw and ball feet.  She even had me measure the ball.

To be perfectly honest, I never even noticed the claw and ball feet until she mentioned it.
Fortunately for ME, she ended up NOT purchasing the chair.

So I thought it would be so cool to really bring out the ball that's clinched between the claws!

I had the wood left over from the iron park bench, and so I used that for the base of the chair.

I used my nail gun to adhere the slats to the base...

I had this decorative piece laying around that I bought from Lowes.  
I thought it would give it a nice added touch...

...and after sanding the entire piece down, adding stain, and watered down paint...HERE IT IS!!!

You can see the small little holes in this picture.  
I'm thinking at one time this chair was upholstered.


Check out the detail on these feet!!!


Thanks so much for looking!!!

~ Jenny xoxo

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