Black Paint + Metallic Gold

This week I went Goodwill-hopping with a friend, and found a lot of great stuff!  
Love when that happens! ;-)

We even stopped into a Habitat Re-Store, and things got a little bit craazzzyyy...ha ha
This is what happens when you are kid-free. =)

So the 1st thing I worked on from my Goodwill finds was the lamp base...

I purchased this for $5.99
((See that basket in the back?  That was also a Goodwill find.))

Of course, our kitty Oscar thinks I bought it for him!

So the very first thing I did was, wipe it down with some Liquid Sander made by Klean Strip.

I gave it a good 10 minutes to dry before adding the first layer of black paint.
((It took about 3 layers of paint.))

Next:  Take some sand paper, and "distress" it...

I then took a Q-tip and stained the wood...

((I used Golden Oak this time, because it went well with the Golden Glaze I was going to be using.))

Here is what it looks like after the distressing and stain...

I also added some Martha Stewart Living Golden Pearl Metallic Paint around the curves and grooves, and on top of the stained parts...

10-oz. Golden Pearl Metallic Paint

...and here it is!!!

Here's a close-up:

...and while I had the Metallic paint out, I went ahead and painted the basket too!
That will have it's own blog post, but here's a sneak peek...

Thanks for looking! =)

~ Jenny xoxo

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