"Gaming" End Table:

Have you ever been to a Cracker Barrel, and played a game of checkers while sitting on one of their Rockers?  That's one of the first things my kid's do when we eat at a Cracker Barrel.  

I've been wanting to make a "gaming" table for my own home, but it wasn't a top priority among all the other projects I had on my To Do List!

Recently I found an end table at a Goodwill Store for $5.99, but it came without the glass insert. 

It had really nice curves on the legs of the table, which I thought gave it potential. 

The first thing I did was apply liquid Sander Deglosser to the entire table.

After that dried, I painted it with Black Satin Paint...
((ignore un-finished paint job on the walls in the background...ha ha))

I was house-sitting my Sister's dogs over at her house which explains the different atmosphere in the next set of pictures.  You may also see lots of muddy paw prints on the floor, because it decided to rain that weekend.  Yea me. ;-)

I first framed the table...

...then flipped it over, and drilled in some more boards for the middle.

I liked the underlay look better, rather than having it a flat surface.
I also thought it would help keep the game pieces from falling off the table while the kids were playing.

I stained the wood with Golden Oak Wood Finish:

...and here it is!!!

...and here's a side-by-side view:

~ Jenny xoxo

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