Up-cycled Vintage Trunk:

A while back when my Brother and his girlfriend came down to visit, we went all around town stopping at several Goodwill Stores, and even a Resale Store.
Bethany (my Brother's girlfriend) came across a vintage looking trunk with no price tag.  We brought it up front to get a price, and found that it was $14.98  Eeekkk...a little steep for a worn trunk.  
So she decided to pass on purchasing it.

After a few day's, I couldn't stop thinking about that darn trunk, and how I "needed" it!  ha ha  So back to the Goodwill I went, and BOUGHT it with hopes that my hubby would never find out how much I spent on a beat up "piece of junk"!  (at least that's what he would think of it...tee hee)

I had already browsed Pinterest for many different ideas on how I could up cycle it.

So I went out to Home Depot, and bought some legs for $2.94 a piece...

I first started off painting them black, because I thought I would keep this in my Living Room.

While I was painting, my hubby drilled holes on the bottom side of the trunk...

...and I just screwed the legs into the holes.

I originally wanted to fasten a nut to the bolt of the leg on the inside of the trunk, but the bolt was not long enough.  The wood from the trunk ends up holding the bolt nice and secure, so it ended up not really needing a nut anyways.

I had it in my Living Room for a little while, but then thought it would have better use in my daughter's room.

I'm still working on finishing up my daughter's room.  I still need to do some painting of the doors, moulding, edging, etc.
But it's slowly coming along.
Here's a sneak peek at what her bedroom is looking like...

~ Jenny xoxo

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