Hanging Lanterns...

I love it when my Sister wants to sell some of her stuff, because that usually means I get first dibs!  Take for example, these vases...

She was selling these for $5 each, but I was able to barter with her.
In exchange for these lovely vases, I will paint some more furniture of hers! 
Great deal, eh?

Wanna see what I did with them??

I hung them from the Cupola part of the Gazebo...

My cat decided to make an appearance in this next picture...can you spot him?

I brought out my Dining Room table so that you could see what my future intentions are...

I would like to have a table go underneath the lanterns for outdoor gatherings.  
I'm not sure if I'm going to build a table, or if I come across a cheap one that I can up cycle, I may go that route.  We'll see! =)

Thanks so much for looking!!! =)

Stay tuned...I'll be posting all about the sign you see in the background of these pictures.

~ Jenny xoxo

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