Painted Piano

This piano has been in our family for a very long time...since we were kid's!  Once everyone grew up, and started their own families, the piano went to my Sister.

It's a bit worn down, the legs have been chewed up by various dogs, and I'm sure it's due for a tune-up!  When visiting over at my Sister's house, the piano just kind of blends in, wasn't really a prized possession that it used to be.

After she saw what I did to the rocking chair, she asked if I could do the same with the piano.

So here it is!!!

I first wiped down the whole piano with Liquid Sander Deglosser...

The next set of pictures are just "progress"...
It took about 3 coats of Satin Black Paint.

When I'm painting furniture, I paint horizontally...in one direction.

((...and if you're wandering, that is a hand-made fence she built for her stairs that you see through the mirror of the piano))

...and now for the finished Piano!!!

I gave the accent angles a golden glaze...

...and here's a side-by-side picture for you. =)

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Thanks for looking! =)

~ Jenny xoxo