PB Letter Bins:

My Husband and I went rocking climbing in Fredericksburg last November.  While we were there, we stopped into a Goodwill Store.  I noticed these 2 "filing cabinets"  (Pottery Barn calls them "Letter Bin"), and knew they just had to be Pottery Barn!  Sure enough, they were!  I later looked up how much they cost on the Pottery Barn website...$54.00 each!!!  
I bought them for $5.99 each!  Score!!!

It's now almost March, and we JUST now installed them!

In order to properly install the "Letter Bin", you need a Display Rod.  These cost $12.00 each, but they're on sale right now for $10.00.  I also had a coupon that I used, which brought them down to $8.50 each.  After tax and shipping, yes, I ended up spending more on the "rods" than the actual letter bin!

Daily System - White

Oh well.  What would have cost me a total of $132.00, I only spent $29.00!

Okay so, check out how cool this is!!!  They actually included a "mounting template"!!!  
This made it sooo easy!!!

My husband just took the screw, and jabbed through the paper into the wall to mark where he would be placing the screws...

...and these just slide right on in...

Here's how the little kitchen nook looks right now...

I'm thinking about painting/distressing the pallet shelves a bit, and I for sure what to paint all of the cabinets in the Kitchen!  Some day. =)

Thanks for looking!

~ Jenny xoxo

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