Painted Antique Desk:

The day after I painted the piano (you can read ALL about that here), I went back to my Sister's house and painted her antique desk.

Recently I've started using Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser.
"...easy alternative to sanding by hand." is what the product description gives.
I'm not sure how exactly it works, but if it's going to save me time, I'm using it! ha ha
After the recommended 10 mins. dry time, it almost leaves a bit of a sticky, rougher feeling.

For the inside of the desk where all of the shelving is, I actually spray-painted those hard to reach places.  Everything else I painted with a brush.
I have tried several different types of brushes when painting furniture, and I have found that I like this one the best.  It has a short handle, and an angled brush.  Very easy to use!  

I used a Satin black paint, along with Satin black spray-paint.
Even though they were both "satin", they still have a different finish to them.
So I try to paint as much as I can with the brush, and try to use the spray paint in all the places you're really not going to see anyways.

...and now for the finished piece!

I hated to wake the puppy up from her beauty sleep...ha ha

Thanks for looking! =)

~ Jenny xoxo

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