Vintage Baseball Room ((progress))

Recently we have been doing lots of Spring Cleaning!  
While doing so, we also re-arranged the kid's bedrooms.  Our daughter moved to the previous Guest Bedroom, partly because that room was already painted in girlie colors!  We felt like our oldest son needed his own room, so he went in the smallest bedroom, so that our other 2 younger sons could share the biggest room.

Since the biggest room was once our daughter's room (that we never did finish painting), that ended up being the only room that we would need to re-paint.

Around this time, a really good friend of mine asked if we needed a bunk-bed set!  I was ecstatic!  Not only was she giving us the bunk-bed, but also the mattresses, and bedding that it came with!  My 5 year old is so excited about the new desk that comes attached to the bed, and this is the first time my 2 year old will be in a big boy bed!
(THANK YOU, Kelly!  You have been such a blessing to our family!)

Down below I created a mood board...

Neutral with a pop of Green!
I already have the pallet wall in this room, and the Sports bedding is going to go perfect with the Vintage theme I had wanted.

The walls are painted Going To The Chapel - Benjamin Moore
...and the accent green is Irish Moss - Benjamin Moore

(Thank you Young House Love for the Inspiration!)

So today we worked on clearing out the bedroom & painting!!!

...because we have spiral stairs, it's not always an easy task to haul furniture up and down the stairs...


My 5 year old helping mix the paint...


More Progress...

Tomorrow's agenda:

- give the trim a 3rd coat of paint
- paint the doors!
- add new plug socket plates
- add new door knobs.
- build a bench by the 2 windows! 

~ Jenny xoxo 



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