I must love constant chaos at my house...or something?!?

In the midst of Craft Show madness, and all the preparation that goes into that, we have more construction going on at our house!
That being said, you have no idea how EXCITED I am about this!

Ever since we took out our stairs, the Entryway wall looked very strange.  
The thermostat was now hanging out in the middle of this 2-story wall, and the return air filter grille was also just randomly hanging out.  
We would have to get a ladder to change out the filter, or to turn the air temperature up or down.
We were also left with this light fixture that once hung above the stairs.  It served no purpose anymore, and just looked odd sitting there.

I created a board and batten wall, to try and draw attention away from it all...

...but that only worked so well.  
When we would have guests over, you could see their eyes wandering.  ha ha
Also, above the french doors, there was supposed to be a "landing"??...just a place that I could maybe put a Christmas tree?  Instead, it was a piece of plywood that we kind of just laid down temporary.  It couldn't hold any real weight, but it also didn't really need to, because the railing was built around it.  So once again, just another "odd" thing about the Entryway!
I guess that's what happens when you take out your STAIRCASE??!!  
"Who does that?!"  LOL

With the holiday's coming up, I just wanted the downstairs FINISHED!  After living here for 5 years, you would think it would be.  I have a problem with always wanting "change".  I have changed around my downstairs sooo many times, that I haven't even really started working on the upstairs yet!

If you follow my blog, or you follow me on Facebook, you will know I LOVE DIY projects!  In fact, we do almost everything ourselves!
We even did the stairs ourselves!
Problem is, here lately, I have been non stop with my business!  I also have 2 Craft Shows coming up, and everything has been about that!

I've had to put the DIY projects on hold, except, I really-really needed these things done before the Holiday's!  We are hosting Thanksgiving!  Whohoo! =)

That's where my awesome neighbor friend's come in!  They own their own construction/remodeling company, and they do fabulous work!

I started making a list a few weeks ago of everything that needed done, big and small, that I just knew I would not have time to do myself.
Although, the Entryway wasn't something I would have done myself anyways!

Which brings us to TODAY...

They are now extending out the upstairs floor, and the railing will go straight across.

We JUST installed our railing a few months ago, and we're already changing it. ha ha
A few month's ago...

To be continued...

~ Jenny


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