NEW Master Bedroom Renovations:

In October 2015, we purchased my Parent's house!  We had been renting from them for several years, and during that time, we were able to become Debt Free!

While we were renting, we did quite a few renovations on the house, but because we didn't own the house yet, we were a bit hesitant to make any BIG improvements or investments into the house.
(0kay, I guess knocking out the stairs, and replacing them with a spiral staircase was a pretty big deal for "renters" - ha ha))

Also while we were renting, my Parent's lived in the garage apartment.
About a week after we signed on the house, my Parent's got a place of their own, and moved out.

By then, it was November, and I was busy preparing for the Craft Fair, and the holiday's, and this room stayed empty for a few months.

January 2016 we "broke ground" (literally) on our new Master Bedroom!!!

Back when the garage was first converted into the garage apartment, the floor was never leveled.  There was about a 4" difference from one side of the room to the other side of the room.  I guess it never really bothered my Parent's, but I knew this was something I wanted fixed before we moved down into this room.
So a big part of our budget was just ripping out the existing tile, and having it leveled.
Instead of there being a step-down from the Kitchenette, or a step-down when you walk into this room from the Living Room, it is now all one level.

Can I just tell you...I LOVE Home Renovations, but this week was wet and cold, and mud and cement and dust and dirt was being dragged in and out of the house!
By the end of the week, I was just ready for it to be DONE!

Stay tuned!!!...we'll be talking about flooring next!

~ Jenny

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