Thought I'd share with y'all a little kitchen update, and also future plans I have for this space.

It's a bit difficult to photograph my Kitchen, because it's long & narrow, and I literally have almost every nook and granny filled with some piece of furniture.  Also, I don't have much natural light coming through these windows.

I recently purchased these bar stools from Wayfair...

This was once the pantry with 2 french doors.
I took off the doors, covered the inside walls with bead board, added new shelving, and then trimmed it out.  Now I use it for storage, and decor.

As for future plans...

Eventually we will be doing a planked ceiling in here. 
 I also need to build an enclosure around the refrigerator, and frame out the opening where the microwave is.
My dream would be to knock out the window you see in the kitchen, and add some french doors that opens up to a little pergola seating area.

I'd have to say, my kitchen & dining room is currently my favorite room in the house! 

~ Jenny xoxo

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