DIY Chalkboard Ornaments:

This weekend I needed to make Angel-themed ornaments for a tree-trimming at school.  Originally I was going to stuff some clear ornaments with feathers, but that would have involved me loading up myself and 4 kiddo's JUST to make a trip down to Hobby Lobby for ornaments!  Which is why I started thinking about what I already had lying around the house that I could use.  I remember seeing "Chalkboard Ornaments" on Pinterest, which is when I came up with these...

Okay, here's all I did...

I just cut up a thin piece of wood I already had on hand...
((I was in a hurry, so I didn't worry about making them "perfect"))

3 coats of chalkboard paint later...

Probably the fastest way would be to drill holes into the wood, but I just hammered a nail into them to make a hole.
((I was being lazy, and didn't want to get out my drill! ha ha))

I took some burlap string, and tied feathers to them to go with the angel-theme. =)

I'm also thinking about making a bunch of small chalkboard gift tags!  
Wouldn't that be CUTE?!

~ Jenny xoxo

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