DIY Chalkboard:

This past week I was busy making Teacher gifts!  I was inspired by Shanty2Chic $5 DIY Chalkboard tutorial, but decided to make them out of shipping pallets instead.  Y'all know how I love my shipping pallets!  ha ha

I already had my pieces of pallet wood cut up, but I needed something smooth for the chalkboard part.  I originally wanted to use a wooden plaque design, but the size I needed were too heavy and thick.  I needed something thin, but solid enough to be able to write on it.
I ended up buying a 1/2 in. piece of Fiberboard from Home Depot, and was able to make 8 smaller boards from it.

Okay, this stuff is actually harder to cut than you would think.  We started off using a box cutter, then moved to a hand saw, and in the end just used an electric hand saw!  ha ha

...and my assembled pieces of pallet wood!

Since I wanted them to have an antique look, I only applied 1 coat of water-based paint...
No need to make sure every piece of wood is completely covered in paint, just kind of quickly brush it on.  You're going to be sanding it down later.

After the paint dries, I applied stain to the edges, creases, or on any imperfections in the wood.  Wipe that off, and you're ready to sand it down!

I used chalkboard paint for the boards, but there is also spray paint available.  
Here's what it looks like after 3 coats of paint...
((FYI:  Chalkboard paint dries FAST!!!))

Screw the chalkboard onto the pallet wood, and...


Display it in your kitchen...

For sweet lil' messages...

For the classroom...

For Christmas gifts...

I made these for Teacher gifts this year! 
Hope they like them. =)

~ Jenny xoxo

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