DIY Jewelry Holder:

I am not much of a jewelry person, but my friend is.  
This would be "her"...see all the pretty jewelry she is wearing?...and I am not?!

A few months ago she kind of mentioned how she needed a jewelry holder to hang all of her necklaces.  From then on I've been browsing Pinterest, trying to decide what kind of holder I wanted to make her.  I went to many Goodwill's thinking I would come across something that would spark an idea, but nothing.

I started thinking about what resources I already had at home, and I tend to incorporate my pallet wood into many of my projects.  I then remembered that I still had a few more pieces of some old fencing that I could use.  
And that's how I came up with this:

Sadly, I do not have any step-by-step pictures, but I think the end result is pretty self explanatory.

The knobs were from Hobby Lobby, and I even bought a letter "K" from there, but my 3 year old got a hold of it, and I'm sure it will never be seen again! ;-)

He actually stuck 2 of the knobs in an ant pile!  Not kidding.

I brushed on some watered down Aqua acrylic paint to the edges.  
Once dry, I sealed it with some mod podge.  This also gave it a smooth, glossy finish.

Since I lost the Hobby Lobby "K", I had to come up with my own.  So I just cut down some scrap pieces of wood, and came up with this:

~ Jenny xoxo

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