Up cycled Floor Lamp Base:

I have 2 floor lamp bases that I'm going to be up cycling!
Today's post is to show you how I re purposed one of those into an 
Outdoor Planter.

So here's the base that I had...

It was pretty easy to take out all of the wiring on this particular base.
I just unscrewed parts of the pole to pull out the cord.  Easy peasy!

I used a metal basket for the top...

...wire & wire cutters..

I just wrapped the wire all around the pole & basket until it was sturdy!

To make it a little more pretty, I wrapped it with electrical tape.

...added some decorative moss...

...and TADA!!!

Maybe there would have been an easier, more professional way to adhere the basket to the pole, but this worked for ME! =)

And here it is...

an Outdoor Planter!!!

What do you think?

Easy, right?!

I'm actually looking for an oval mirror to hang from my other lamp base.
A friend of mine showed me a picture of a re purposed lamp base turned into a standing mirror!  It was gorgeous!
So as soon as I come across the perfect mirror, I'll give you all the details on that one!

~ Jenny xoxo

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