diy Faux Wooden Garage Door:

I have always loved the look of a Wooden garage door, or even better, the Carriage Garage Door!

One day while browsing through Pinterest, I came across a diy version of a faux wooden garage door!
I pinned it, and vowed that I was going to do that to my own garage door.
It was several steps long, and it was going to take several coats of different types of paint to achieve the look!

Then one day while talking with my neighbor, she had heard of another way to achieve the look.  This only took 1 step, and only 1 paint product!

It's called...

Minwax 1-qt. Mahogany Gel Stain

It's just like regular stain, but it has a thick consistency, and will adhere to other surfaces other than wood.

So the very 1st thing I did was clean the garage door!

The arrows show the direction I moved the brush...

I went over it with a golden glaze to give it a 3rd color tone...

To blend it in, I went back over it with the brush I used for the gel stain...

A little bit time consuming, but pretty easy to do!
The stain pretty much does the work for you!

~ Jenny xoxo

Since this post first published, I have updated my garage door...yet again!
Check it out!  Click on the links below:



  1. Wow! That looks amazing. Did you just paint it on and let it dry as is? Do you have a homeowners association? Did you get permission or have any issues with neighbors? I love it!

  2. Thank you! =)
    Yes, I just painted it right on! I used a 2 inch angled brush, if that helps. I used a rag for the glaze though.
    I do have a homeowners, and should have asked first. We have several painted garage doors, including faux wooden ones, so I took my chances. Ha Ha
    So far...no write ups! ;-)
    ...and neighbors LOVE it, and want to do the same with their doors!
    Thank you for your comment! I'd love for you to follow my blog!
    - Jenny

  3. Thanks for the tute! We just used the gel stain on ours today. It's hard to tell from your pictures what the difference was with adding a gold glaze. Did it change the feel a lot, or would you still have been happy if you hadn't added it? Also, how long does it stay sticky? Thanks!

  4. This turned out wonderful! Last weekend, I initiated my own diy garage project. I decided to renovate my two garages turning them into the man caves I always dreamed about. I envision a spot with carpeting, 70 inch flat screen HD televisions, arcade machines, and a couple of pool tables. I can't wait to see the end result!

  5. Hi Alice,

    I used the golden glaze to give it a 3rd coloration. I thought by doing so, maybe it would make it look a bit more realistic? I definitely don't think the glaze is "needed", and I probably only used it because I had it on hand.
    I did however like the way it looked 'after' the glaze better than 'before' the glaze.
    I never really paid attention to how long it stayed sticky. It's been a few months now, with lots of rain, and it's not sticky anymore. Hope that helps. =)
    And thank you for checking out my blog!
    ~ Jenny

  6. Thank You Donald. Wow! That is a huge renovation you're doing! It's gonna look great!

  7. Thanks! i like your blog. Nice Blog Posting. nice jobs for providing adhere for wood.

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  9. It looks great! Your brick tone is very similar to mine, which helps me visualize it better. You have a much longer driveway however. Can I ask you please...it looks like wood from a distance, how does it look close up? Please, Please tell me...thank you

  10. Hi Shirley,
    You can tell it was painted when you're close up. Also, it hasn't been quite a year yet since I painted it, and it's starting to crackle a bit. I should have put sealant on it.
    I'm actually about to re-do them anyways, because I want to glue actual wood onto the framing of the garage door. Our garage door is permanently sealed down, because it was converted into an apartment.
    If you follow my blog, it's a project that I'll be doing soon.
    Hope that helps. =)
    ~ Jenny

  11. WOW it turned a normal looking door to a nice one! Not bad. I looked it up and many people seem to be happy. Though not many garage door companies know about it. Whenever I have a problem i just called Westerville Garage Door and they have heard of it, but don't provide it. You would think that all garage door companies would right? Anyways, I had my motor fixed but my door color stayed the same. I'm thinking of having it painted, I'll give it some thought, thanks!

  12. Did you ever think about working with a wood grain tool? After you clean the door, let it dry thoroughly. Use a fine grit sandpaper on the metal to give it some "tooth" for the gel stain to more easily adhere. When you apply the glaze, use a dark stain in the plaza (like walnut). Use a paint tray and roll your wood grain tool in the dark glaze (make sure it is not runny), then gently rock the wood grain tool onto the garage door. You can use as much or as little grain as you like. It will take a good 24 hrs for it to dry with normal humidity. If your garage door has panels, let some of the dark glaze to settle into the corners for a more dimensional look. When satisfied, use an outdoor poly over all to seal it. It will look like a million bucks!

  13. My garage doors are wood and painted white... I am wondering how this would like? I would probably need to sand them first, then use this product? Because they are painted white, I am thinking there would be no wood grain showing, then the doors would just look cheap

  14. That looks nice! I was thinking about doing something similar but I am not sure it would hold up to the elements. Where I live it snows and rains quite a lot through out the year. I am thinking about just having the door replaced. I am not sure what the price difference would be, I guess I will have to look into that.

    Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair

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  16. How did you deal with the weather stripping on the sides and top of the door?

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  19. You know, instead of stain, you should just use two diffrent brown paints, and a black made for a metal surface. I haven't painted a garage door this way, but I have on several other things, and it looks very realistic. The look of wood is very easy to achieve with paint, and it would last. If you haven't ever painted much before, look up a tutorial on faux woof painting, easy peasy :-)

  20. You know, instead of stain, you should just use two diffrent brown paints, and a black made for a metal surface. I haven't painted a garage door this way, but I have on several other things, and it looks very realistic. The look of wood is very easy to achieve with paint, and it would last. If you haven't ever painted much before, look up a tutorial on faux woof painting, easy peasy :-)

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