Faux Carriage Garage Door:

I was at Home Depot the other night picking up supplies for my new railing, when I spotted 2 of these in the clearance section.  The kit sells for around $23.00, and they were marked down to $6.00!  Score!!!


So I left you off here on the garage door.

...and now it looks like this...

This was seriously sooo easy to do!

Wait till you see what I did with the 2nd kit that I bought!
Stay tuned! =)

~ Jenny xoxo 



  1. Wow, this looks really good- I seriously need to do this on my garage door! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing it with us at Treasure Box Tuesday! :)

    1. I need to know what color you ended up going with on this “re-do” of your garage. I think it will go best with our house accents.

    2. Hi Kelley,

      Here is the link to that post with all the information on what paint I used. =) http://made-2-love.blogspot.com/2014/02/garage-door-re-do.html
      Let me know if you're able to pull up that link. =)
      ~ Jenny

  2. This is such a good look. I did this to my garage door a few years ago and I can not tell you how many compliments I have gotten on it. Right after I got it most people actually thought I had had a new one installed when it was really 15 years old. What a facelift it can give.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

  3. I am a bargain hunter like you and that was an awesome deal. I love the way this looks. It gives it an "old world" charm. That's a great way to give an instant look change without having to pay the costs of getting a new door. Now off to Home Depot I go to see if I can find them on clearance here.

    Greg Marshall @ Crawford Door Of WNY Inc