DIY Peacock Costume:

This year my daughter is going to be a Peacock for Halloween!  I came across this idea on Pinterest, fell in love, got the approval from my daughter, and off to Hobby Lobby I went to buy supplies!

I didn't take pictures during the process of me making the tutu.  I kind of just went off the picture I found on pinterest, so I don't have any precise instructions anyways. =)
Here's the link to what I went off of for my Tutu.

I bought a yard each of brown, tan, royal blue, aqua blue, light blue, and lime green tulle.  And I bought the smallest amount of felt fabric I could (I think they can only cut as small as 1/4 of a yard) in brown, green, light blue, and dark blue.

I don't remember where I read how to make the actual tutu, I think I just had that information stored in the back of my head.  ha ha  BUT...I found this tutorial online, and this is exactly how I attached my tulle to the elastic.

I bought the shirt and footless leggings from Target.

Hope that helps. =)

Okay, now to the FUN stuff...PICTURES!!!

Here's a close-up of the hair:

Thanks for looking! =)

~ Jenny xoxo

I was inspired by this costume I saw on Pinterest...


  1. Cute! I made a peacock costume for my daughter based on the same pin. Love her hair!