Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!!!

Do you have your Fall decorations out yet?  
I've had mine out for a little while now, but finally got a chance to go around and take pictures! =)  

I have bit of an obsession with pumpkins, and most of my family and friends know this.  So a lot of my decorations that I'm about to show you have been gifted to me.
I used to have a ton more, but over the year's, and 4 kid's later, some never made it. =(  

Welcome to my Home!!!

On the front door...
You can read more about my Pumpkin Wreath here.

On the coffee table in the Living Room, I bought these pumpkin posts from a Craft Fair a few years ago.  Behind them, some seasonal flowers I picked up from the grocery store.

On the end table, I have 2 pumpkin candles...

On the Mantle, I have a block that my friend made me...the clip is supposed to hold a picture, but I hate to cover up the pumpkins. =)

On top of the Armoire, I have my glossy pumpkins next to my glossy scentsy candle...

In the foyer...

In the Study...

Moving out into the Dining Room, I have a simple little arrangement on the table.  Although, this will probably change a few times throughout the month of October and November, especially when we get closer to Thanksgiving.
You can read all about my mod podge pumpkins here.

In the Kitchen, sitting on the window shelving...

You can read all about my Yarn Pumpkins here.

Thanks for looking!
I do plan on adding a few more pumpkin projects the closer we get to Thanksgiving, by using real pumpkins and floral.  
I'll update you with all that next month! =)

What have y'all done around your house?
I would love to see pictures! =)

Have a blessed week!
~ Jenny xoxo

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