Pumpkin Wreath:

I LOVE the Holiday's!!!  Love, Love, LOVE the Holiday's...especially Fall!  I love when we start to have cool, fresh, crisp air...I love the colors, and the PUMPKINS...I love the Craft Fairs and Festivals, and all the pumpkin yummies...I LOVE the warm pumpkin scones at Starbucks, and I always have a hot chocolate to go with it!  Mmmm...  And ALL the decorating...but what I LOVE MOST is spending time with my family! 
For some reason, my Sister and I seem to spend more time together during the school months, maybe because she has 4 children, and I have 4 children, and when they're all out of school, and you get us all together...it's like a crazy zoo??!!  Hmmm...maybe. Tee Hee
So this past week my Sister and I got together to work on a Pumpkin Wreath!
Unfortunately, my step-by-step pictures were accidentally deleted, so I can't give you a "visual" on how to make it, but it went something like this...

Supplies Needed:

- Embroidery Hoop
- Latch Hook Canvas
- For this size, we used:
   -1 yard of brown tulle
   -1 yard of green tulle
   -5 yards of orange tulle
((Honestly though, it still needed at "least" 1 more yard of orange))
- Ribbon and decorative floral...
- Scissors

1. Wrap embroidery hoop around latch hook canvas.

2. And all you basically gotta do is, cut strips of tulle, and pull it through the holes, and tie!

3. Start the "stem" of the pumpkin first. (the brown tulle)

4. Next...the "vein" of the pumpkin (green tulle)...

5. Finish it off with the orange tulle, then fluff, fluff, fluff! =)

A few months ago I started this challenge for myself to complete one pumpkin project each month up until November. 
So here's July and August.

Have y'all started decorating for Fall yet?

~ Jenny xoxo

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