I Heart Cheer!...Pallet Art:

I know, I know...another post about another piece of pallet art!  Tee Hee  Here I am crafting, when I REALLY should be working on projects around the house!

My daughter is like me, she LOVES giving GIFTS!  So today when I picked her up from school, she informed me that she absolutely MUST get her "Big Sis" a gift at Cheer.  That was at 3:30...cheer practice starts at 5:30.  Hmmm...
So I scurried home, nailed some pieces of pallet wood together, sanded, brushed on some paint...then while that was drying, I braided my daughter's hair (because it was crazy hair day).  By then, the paint was dry, and so I grabbed my stencils and paint pen, hot glued some yarn to make a heart, and sealed it with some mod podge!  Whew!  By 5 p.m. we were out the door with a semi-wet piece of pallet art!  ha ha

Seriously, it was sooo FAST, that I took pictures once arriving to her practice!  No photo staging here!  Hee Hee 

~ Jenny xoxo

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