*~ Shabby Chic Dining Set ~*

Yea!  It's DONE!  Finally!  Whew!

If you go back to my previous posts, I broke this project up into 4 parts...

- Paint/Distress Table
- Paint/Distress China Cabinet
- Paint/Distress Chairs
- Reupholster Chairs

So you can read about the Table here.  The China Cabinet here...and The Chairs here.

I had this Dining Set posted on Craigslist for $300.00.  When it wouldn't sell, it became a challenge for me to make it...well...sell able. =) 

Here's some BEFORE...

...a BEFORE of the China Cabinet...

And now for some Afters...

I have no plans on selling this anymore, but I'm just curious...do you think I'd have any trouble selling it for $300.00 NOW? =)

This was a labor-of-love.  Seriously...it seems like this project took me FOREVER!
Would I paint a Dining Set again? 
Uhhhhhh...ummmmm...yah, probably...but not anytime soon. 
I'd need to mentally prepare myself.  ha ha

Thanks for looking!
~ Jenny xoxo


  1. You could definitely sell it for that much! I just made a table like that myself, and sold it for $150 without any chairs!

  2. Wow! $150 for just the table?! That's great!
    I'm sure I will eventually sell it, but for now it's a keeper. ;-)