Vintage Make-up Storage/Jewelry Box

I found this Silverware Storage Box at a Goodwill store a little while back. 
At the time I wasn't sure how I would re-use it, but at $5.99 it was too beautiful to pass up. 
Check out the design in the wood!

If you were to look up Flatware Chests, they range around $100.00 or more!  Eeek! 

You can read about my little goodwill shopping trip here.

After realizing that I have a bad habit of leaving my make-up all over our bathroom counter rather than putting it back into the drawer, that's when I decided I was going to make myself a nice make-up storage/jewelry case.

I chose my favorite color...aqua!...and I knew that color would also look good with the red interior.  I wanted a antique/distressed look, so to create that look, I needed to paint, sand, and stain...and sand it down some more. =)
You can read a little about my distressing technique here.

I had thought about taking out the silverware holders, but they turned out to be quite useful in holding my jewelry, eyeliner, and lip liners...

See how perfect the slots hold my rings?  You'd almost think this box was "meant" to be a jewelry box! =)

Here are some close ups of how I distressed it by sanding and staining...

...and just so you can get an idea of how big this storage box is, I paired it up with your average sized jewelry box. 
You can read about the Yellow Vintage Jewelry Box here.

...and a side-by-side view! =)

Stay tuned for my Pumpkin Project of the Month!!!

God bless!
~ Jenny xoxo

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