~ DIY Cake Stand ~

It all started a while back when I painted and distressed my candle stick holders...you can read ALL about that HERE.  

Before and After:

I had a total of 7 candle holders, and only 6 looked great arranged on top of my fireplace mantle...

...which left me 1 lonely little candle holder...

That's when a "cupcake stand" came to mind!

Supplies Needed:

After cutting out a circle to fit the metal plate, I used mod podge to seal it...

I painted around the sides, and then sanded it a bit once dry!  Since the candle holder was already a distressed/antique look, I wanted the plate to have that look as well...

...made a lace bow for the bottom of the candle holder...

And there you have a Cupcake Stand!!!

I have a friend who is the owner at Betnie Bakes who makes gorgeous fondant cakes, and the yummiest cupcakes!  Mmmm...
You can check her out at:  http://www.betniebakes.com

So of course, me making a cake stand gave me an excuse to order some cupcakes! 
Tee Hee  At least that's what I told my husband.  ha ha

Is your mouth watering yet?

This would be a simple, quick project for y'all to make for just a few bucks!
Keep your eye out for some candle holders at garage sales or goodwill's, there's so many things you can re-create with them.
I hope you loved the "Cake Stand" as much as I do!
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Y'all have a blessed weekend!

~ Jenny xoxo

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