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It's been a little while since my last post, partly because school started back up, and because I started back at work this past week.  It's a bit tricky trying to find time for DIY/Crafting/Blogging when you're trying to juggle family, work (even if it's part-time), after school activities, weekend activities, birthday parties, diet/exercise, etc. etc.  BUT...I DID manage to squeeze in 2 pallet art projects, 2 gifts (yes, I refer to my gift wrapping as a "project"...ha ha), re-arranged my downstairs, and I even helped my Dad build a wrap-around porch! 
Oooo...which brings me to a NEW experience for ME!
I NOW know how to use a POWER DRILL!!!  Ummm...YES!...this. was. AWESOME!
I also learned how to use a power saw...I guess that's what it's called?  I don't know, it was this huge massive thing that cut wood, and well, it still scared me to death while using it!  Ha Ha

Okay...back to what I was saying...(I get easily distracted...)

I think out of all the projects I do, making "pallet art" is some what like my "signature"...

This past week I made one for a friend, and one for the new porch (which I STILL do not have a picture of...ooops)...

The more and more I work on these, the more I come across new ideas and new things to use...such as...I never knew there was such a thing as a PAINT PEN...oh yes!...there. is.  I used to paint the letters with a brush, and this is oh-so-less time consuming!
Also, I'm using stencils more now...whereas, I used to write the letters ((with a brush)) by hand!

Psalm 119:11 - This wood is made out of 3 pieces of pallet wood (from shipping pallets), and 1 piece of some old fencing.  I wanted to change the sizing up on the wood this time, so if you notice, the one piece is wider than the rest. 
After building, staining the wood, and stenciling the letters, I sealed it with some good ol' mod podge! 

For this next one, I used 25+ year old wood!!!  This one is probably my favorite thus far!  While assembling the pieces of wood in the order I wanted them, I ended up turning it sideways, and it reminded me of something being blown outward...like hair...or like DANDELIONS!

So I'm naming this one:

Wouldn't something like this look great over your stove top? 
Of course, I made this to go on the new porch...but just to give you an idea...

You can find other pallet art work that I've done here, here, here, and here.

Hey, THANKS so much for looking!
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God Bless.
~ Jenny xoxo

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