The Pallet Wall!!!

If you remember back when I said we cut up all the wood from my stack of Shipping Pallets?...this is what I needed all of that wood for!

We built a wall made out of wood from shipping pallets!  This area will be some what of a reading nook area...so I wanted that comfy, cozy feeling look!

First I had my husband cut up all of the wood...

This is what the Room was looking like Before...

There were 3 sections of the wall that we then measured out...

After cutting the wood to size, we first applied Liquid Nails to the back of the wood, and then nailed the wood to the wall.  We started off using a hammer, and then switched to using a nail gun.  That worked much better!

After all of the wood was up on the wall, I sanded everything down.

Then used a Shop Vac to sweep up all the saw and dust from the wood, and surrounding areas.

I went around and stained a few pieces.  This would actually be easier to do BEFORE putting the wood onto the wall, but I wasn't sure if I was going to stain the wood, or do a little painting of the edges until after seeing it all up.

Here's what it's lookin' like right now.  I still have the entire room to texture/paint, so here's just a sneak peek...

Teacher End-Of-The-Year Gift!!!...Garden Art Sign!!!

...I then added a nail off to the side so that they could hang a garden shovel for decor.

Here's what it looks like with the shovel...

Here's another one...
I try to pick the wood pieces with holes in it, or that has imperfections...those are my favorite!

Thanks for looking! =)

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